Woodstock: Peace, Music & Memories

WHAT’S THE STORY? Few experiences or events stand the test of time, and for some, the state of mind, like Woodstock has. Forty years after a crowd of nearly 500,000 spent three days at a farm field in upstate New York, the event still speaks volumes about our society and a shift in culture. Woodstock: Peace, Music & Memories takes readers back to the historic concert and society-changing experience through the words and photos of the people who were there.

These are the memories of those who made the trek across the state, across the country, and across the ocean to simple "be" in the presence of others with a passion for peace and a love for music with a message. Whether readers relieve their own experiences at Yasgur’s field those three days in the summer of 1969, or simply gain a deeper appreciation for the transformation of three ordinary days into an extraordinary moment in American history, this book is definitely a trip worth taking.

WHAT DOES IT MEAN FOR READERS? Readers will reminisce with co-creator Artie Kornfeld as he recalls the planning and promotion of the event, from the meeting with Max Yasgur at the site of his farm field, through the clean up after three days of memorable, but muddy, peace and music. Just like any great trip back through time this book also brings memories to life through a variety of color and black and white photos of people, places, memorabilia and legendary musical moments. Framed by groovy illustrations, stories about eating at the Hog Farm Free kitchen as rain fell from the sky, hitching a ride from the Garden State Parkway to get to the field, and sitting mesmerized while the likes of Janis Joplin, Carlos Santana and Jimi Hendrix moved a generation, fill page after page of this entertaining and inspiring book.

"The sixties saw the golden age of rock and roll, the advent of psychedelica, and the turmoil of the most violent times in American history," said Don Alter, famed rock music photographer and historian, in Chapter 1 of Woodstock: Peace, Music & Memories. "The migration to Woodstock was a gathering of ‘Rainbow Warriors.’ We were communal, culturally diverse, and in search of universal peace through the music that defined our generation."

WHO ARE THE AUTHORS? Brad Littleproud and Joanne Hague were members of the Woodstock Preservation Alliance and active in the preservation of the festival site. They continue their work through the Woodstock Preservation Archives, www.woodstockpreservation.org.



Woodstock: Peace, Music & Memories

Authors: Brad Littleproud and Joanne Hague
ISBN: 0-89689-833-4
Price: $24.99
Paperback original


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