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By: Brad Littleprous and Joanne Hague

Woodstock Peace, Music & Memories tells the story of what Time magazine called "the greatest peaceful event in history" in the words and pictures of some of the 500,000 people who lived it. With a natural look and scrapbook-of-memories character, this book celebrates the 40th anniversary of this legendary event with a mix of 350 color, sepia-tone and black and white photos; interviews with performers including Carlos Santana and Mountain, as well as attendees, a special section of Woodstock memorabilia with current values, and a foreword written by Woodstock co-organizer Artie Kornfeld. Whether you are a baby boomer or a musician who rocked and rolled - to the music and atmosphere of Woodstock, or are a fan, a collector or a historian who wish you were there, you will find this book to be an amazing tribute to the most famous three days of 1969. 

 The More Things Change - A Woodstock Memior
A Chronical of a Turbulent Time
A Documentary Film By: Joe Nolan

Until The Birds Chirp:
Reflections of the Sixties
By: Marc Catone

There are millions of American's whose lives were changed forever by the events and experiences of the Sixties. Those influences shaped their occupations, values, and dreams. "Until The Birds Chirp: Reflections of the Sixties" is a generational memoir, including the Beatles, Muhammad Ali, Hippies, and the Vietnam War. Personal and generational narratives merge to form Sixties themes about racism, war, and freedom as well as influences of Rock, sex, and TV. If you were part of that generation, this book is for you.

The Pied Piper of Woodstock
By: Artie Kornfeld

Forty years ago, amidst the decadence and destruction of a nation at war, civil unrest, and political dissention, the most sensational and romanticized event known to mankind was orchestrated by Artie Kornfeld and his partners in Woodstock Ventures. This is the life of a New York archetypal bad boy -- a believer who saw music as the universal solvent for global rapport and acceptance and used his ability to unite the masses. From the streets of New York City, to hit songwriter, to collaborations with legendary musicians, this is the life of an extraordinary man. All these years later, Artie still sees the Spirit of Woodstock as critical for universal peace -- just as he did as a twenty-five-year-old icon in the world of rock royalty. This is a nonfictional diary of an American rock 'n' roller, a proponent of '60s euphoria and the causes that ignited the youth movement. An odyssey, a time machine, and a must-read for the millions of Baby Boomers and younger generations.


The Closer's Song

By: Christopher Cole

An excellent read, especially for those who grew up in the 60s/70s. This book takes you through a ride of life (and it does get bumpy at times) in search of the answer to "What Does It All Mean?" I was enthralled with the descriptive childhood struggles and the constant quest for truth and peace of mind as the book progressed. With just the right amount of well crafted twists and turns, you will be both surprised and captivated by this book.

Taking Woodstock
By: Elliot Tiber with Tom Monte

In the summer of 1969, Elliot Tiber’s life changed in a way he never could have foreseen. Greenwich Village had become the mecca for gays in America. There, Elliot had socialized with the likes of Truman Capote, Tennessee Williams, Andy Warhol, and a talented young photographer named Robert Maplethorpe, and yet had managed to keep his gay life a secret from his family. Then on Friday, June 27, Elliot walked into the Stonewall Inn--and witnessed the riot that would galvanize the gay movement in the United States. And on July 17, when Elliot read that the Woodstock Concert promoters had lost their license to stage the show in Wallkill, he called to offer his help in finding a new venue. In the days that followed, Elliot found himself swept up in a vortex that would change his life forever.

The events that unfolded during that hot New York summer have come to be recognized as major turning points in our cultural history. Few, however, have enjoyed Elliot Tiber’s unique view of those events. Taking Woodstock is the funny, touching, and true story of the man who enabled Woodstock to take place. It is also the personal story of one man who took stock of his life, his lifestyle, and his future. In short, Taking Woodstock is like no history of Woodstock you have ever read.

Flashing on the Sixties
By: Lisa Law

Woodstock, the Human Be-In, the Monterey Pop Festival, the Summer of Love, hanging out with the Beatles, Dylan, Ginsberg, Joplin, Warhol, Cher, Leary, the Velvet Underground - photographer Lisa Law was there for it all, chronicling a cultural revolution and taking readers along for the ride. "Law has produced a book of depth, beauty, and impact - she has captured the heart of the '60s." - Publishers Weekly

The Road to Woodstock
By: Michael Lang

For three days in August 1969, half a million music lovers happily braved torrential rains, endured lack of food and clean water, and grooved to the cosmic blues of the Grateful Dead and Janis Joplin, danced all night to the funky soul of Sly and the Family Stone and witnessed the birth of a new band called Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. Held at Max Yasgur's dairy farm in Bethel, N.Y., the first Aquarian Exposition, or the Woodstock Music & Art Fair, grew far beyond the expectations of its creators. In this lively memoir, Lang, one of the festival's cocreators, retells the story—some of it already well-known—of the halting steps that he and his partners took to develop the greatest rock concert of all time. After a stint at NYU, Lang moved to Coconut Grove, where he opened a head shop and, with the help of some of his friends, organized Miami Pop in 1968, one of the first outdoor music festivals drawing major acts. Burned out on Miami, Lang headed to Woodstock, N.Y., to settle into the bohemian community of artists and craftsmen, and opened a recording studio. With a storyteller's verve and energy, Lang regales us with the tales of struggles with smalltown political leaders who opposed the festival, the kindness of Max Yasgur and the gargantuan task of feeding and taking care of a community the size of a large city. With the gritty insights of the ultimate insider, Lang weaves interviews with performers and others into his memoir, providing a glimpse of the madness, frustration, happiness and sheer euphoria that turned Woodstock into a memorable music festival.

The Woodstock Festival's Famous Farmer

By: Sam Yasgur

Sam Yasgur has written an homage to his father Max Yasgur who played a crucial role in the events leading to the Woodstock Festival. The book is filled with both anecdotes and never before told stories about Woodstock and about Max Yasgur as a man, a father and ultimately, the most famous farmer in America. (Currently Unavailable)

Woodstock '69: Three Days of Peace, Music & Medical Care
By: Myron Gittell and Jack Kelly

Tells the story of the frantic, often chaotic, sometimes comical medical drama of the health care at the 1969 Woodstock Festival. Everyone from 'hip' doctors, to Army helicpter pilots to vacationing nuns pitched in to make the hippie festival a happy rather than horrific occasion. Gives the inside story of everyting from the tragic deaths of 2 fair-goers to the mysterious birth of the 'Woodstock Baby', to the Hog Farmers using talk-therapy on the most spaced-out of trippers

Woodstock Vision: The Spirit of a Generation

By: Elliott Landy

In the turbulent sixties, the Woodstock Festival and the Generation that came from that event were a manifestation of the desire to create a free, loving and just world. Elliott Landy has had his finger on the pulse of the Woodstock generation. He was there before the famous festival, hanging out with Dylan and The Band; he was the photographer of record at the Woodstock festival itself; and he still lives in Woodstock today. In this edition of Woodstock Vision, Landy captures and preserves the true vision and pure essence of the festival-what it was like to be part of the sixties, sharing the spirit of unlimited hope, optimism, and belief that the world can be made better through peace and love. The book affectionately chronicles what it was like to be at the Woodstock Festival and to be a part of the spirit of its generation.

The Bethel Bash - Woodstock 1969
By: Harriette Schwartz

Go back to Max Yasgur's farm in August 1969 when the moon truly had to be in the "seventh house".
This book takes the reader back through words and original photos. If you were there come and reminisce,
if you missed it go back to it in your mind with THE BETHEL BASH.

Max Said YES!
By: Abigail Yasgur & Joseph Lipner

Tell the kids about Woodstock.
Max Said Yes! is a children's picture book that delightfully relates the tale of how 3 days of peace and music came to be at a dairy farm in Bethel NY in August 1969. This 32 page book is meant to be read aloud to children (3 - 8 yrs.) Lush, colorful illustrations.

The Giant's Chair

By: Marc A. Catone

For anyone yearning to return to the time when the Beatles walked the earth and folks had a temporary social consciousness, this is a good perspective of the sixties experience. Lots of memories evoked.
A worthwhile read which provides an inner view into the mindset of one unique generation

 Woodstock: In The Quite Morning
By: Ian Margieson

'There are some people you remember for the rest of your life; then there are those who change the rest of your life.' August 2009 marks the fortieth anniversary of one of the greatest cultural events of the twentieth century; the Woodstock Music & Arts Festival. In anticipation of this landmark, comes Woodstock In the Quiet Morning , a modern-day novel with its heart and soul set firmly in the freewheelin innocence of the 1960s. With violins in the sunset, patchouli oil in the air and nothing but a rusty barbed wire fence between you and the hippie highway, this is the most personal story of them all; a poignant journey stretching forty years and covering over four thousand miles, all in the name of love. Woodstock In the Quiet Morning is the story of Irish novelist, Joseph Morrison, as he re-evaluates his own life, when his daughter unexpectedly discloses that she is pregnant and plans to walk away from a promising postgraduate musical career. He recalls his childhood in 1950s Belfast and most importantly, a life changing road trip he took across the USA with a mercurial Texan hippie-chick named Janis in 1969; a journey that sees the two drawn in to a slow burning friendship that neither ever expected.

By: Tim Sandlin

Something had to happen to all those aging hippies. What were we thinking?
If your book were set outside San Francisco in 2022, and if Jimi Hendrix were still alive and rocking, it would be his 80th birthday, and the free-loving, loose-living revolutionaries of the 1960s would all be eligible for institutional assisted living. If they never got over their own Summer of Love, and you gathered them all in one place, you might have a hilarious and poignant novel such as "Jimi Hendrix Turns Eighty" by Tim Sandlin.

The United Symbolism of America

Author Robert R. Hieronimus, Ph.D. takes you several steps beyond Disney’s "National Treasure" series. Americans are more curious than ever about our national symbols, and this book reveals all their mysterious origins and curiosities. It also exposes the lies about our Founding Fathers that are being proclaimed on other popular websites and in fundamentalist-conspiratorialist literature. Exploring why our most popular symbols and icons resonate successfully with the American psyche, Hieronimus first reveals the artistic influences behind each official design. It is only from that firm historical base that he speculates on their encoded symbolic messages.

Memoirs of an Ex-Hippie

By: Robert Roskind

 After graduating college in 1968, Robert Roskind hit the road for seven years. Roskind's travels lead him into the heart of the counterculture--to Esalen Institute, Tassajara Hot Springs, Big Sur, Vancouver Island, the communes of Oregon and North Carolina, Altamont Pop Festival, Mt. Shasta, the Haight-Ashbury and the "motherland"--Northern California.

Woodstock Documented
By: Scott Parker

This book examines the various audio and video documents that captured and preserved the 1969 Woodstock Festival. Recordings made by both official documentary crews and audience members are analyzed and placed into perspective. The book includes an extensive interview with archivist Andy Zax, producer of the 2009 Rhino Records CD box set Woodstock 40 Years On: Back To Yasgur's Farm. For music historians, Woodstock historians, collectors and even for people interested in how the music business preserves music history Woodstock Documented is a fascinating read