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Chip Monck
Known to millions for his serendipitous speaking appearance at Woodstock

The Voice of the Stage
Chip Monck - 1969

"Please get off the towers, it's very dangerous, and for those of you on stage, please keep away from all electric wiring because the storm's about to hit." "NO RAIN... NO RAIN...NO RAIN"

The "Grandfather of Rock 'N' Roll Productions"

"The rain's coming, try to protect yourselves, try to cover up and let's just ride this out together." The now famous brown acid warning:
"The warning I received you can take it with how many ever grains of salt if you wish but the brown acid that is circulating around us is not specifically too good, it is suggested that you do stay away from it , but it is your own trip."

From that first shower on, he was the man who enabled us to endure. During the times of disaster to come, if there was any one person who kept things together, it was Chip Monck, who served among other things as one of the stage announcers. I don’t know if you’d agree with me or not, but after attending nearly half a million rock concerts I think I can safely conclude one thing about stage announcers——they’re all assholes. Except Chip Monck. He had the kind of voice you’d want your father to have, very well modulated, very calm and knowing. Anyone who listened to him could not help but feel comforted, even as the rain pelted the festival without mercy. Whether he was killing time between groups, telling us not to take the brown acid, giving directions to the first aid tent, or simply telling Joe Blow to call home, he was always in control. There were many others who spoke to us from that vast wooden ship over its Olympian sound system but no one contributed more to Woodstock by his mere presence than Chip Monck.

(Excerpt from "Ten Years After" by: Howard Smead)

Chip Monck - 2004
Receiver of "The Parnelli Lifetime Achievement Award"
20 February 2004

"Have You Heard of Woodstock?"