Woodstock 's Original Earthlight Reunites in San Francisco
Sat, October 16, 2010, 4:30pm – 7:00pm
Bar Drake in the Sir Francis Drake Hotel, Post & Powell, San Francisco
San Francisco Bay View
Setting the Record Straight . Critically acclaimed .EARTHLIGHT THEATER was the only theater company to perform at the original Woodstock Festival in 1969 and be seen in the Directors cut of the Documentary. They will reunite after some 40 odd years at Bar Drake in the Sir Francis Drake Hotel at Post & Powell on Saturday, October 16 from 4:30 until 7:00 PM. The press and public are welcome to join in this first stop in this reunion celebration. EARTHLIGHT reveals the true story of an era that continues to fascinate. They reunite to celebrate their work and set the record straight. Having been so misrepresented and maligned in Ang Lee's 2009 "Taking Woodstock.", it should have been called "Faking Woodstock." The LAWeekly said "As dumb a depiction of avant-guard thespians as something Jesse Helms might have said." In truth, Earthlight was one of the premiere avant-guard groups in this country between 1969-72. They not only performed at Woodstock but were instrumental in bringing the festival to Bethel, its ultimate venue and setting the tone by insisting Swami Satchidananda open the festival. They were on stage with him as well. They were paid $1000 ($3500 by todays standards). They were a group of highly trained actors, transforming time & space, and audiences into new dimensions and receiving ravereviews.** "What Joyce or Pinter might have done if they were born in this country" Harvard Crimson, "The best parts of Second City, The Committee, Hair and The Living Theater” the Daily Northwestern and "Nothing less than pure essential theatre" the LA Times ,"an unquestionable success" Variety. They combined theatrical and spiritual principles and their work is as relevant and needed today as it was in the past. After Woodstock Earthlight moved to CA and had their own theater in Venice; following that year a run off-Broadway incorporating Dunhill recording artists Pure Love & Pleasure. They have opened for Billy Preston, Taj Mahal and worked with David Bennet Cohen of CountryJoe and the Fish. Berkeley based in 1971 they performed in Zellerbach Hall at UC Berkeley and Project Artaud in San Francisco and prepared for the last of their seven national and international tours. The fabled blue bus they travelled in exists in history along with the buses of Ken Keasey and the Hog Farm. Co-founders,Director and Author Allan Mann and celebrated Bay Area Artist, Jane Richardson-Mack join Author and Healer, Barbara Wilder ,Swiss Actor, Doug Fowley; African Activist Wendy Blakely; the fabulous sisters Diskin, Porscha & Ellyn and others including members of Pure Love & Pleasure John, Rob, Jackie to celebrate their past & future! A book, documentary and stage revival are in the works! Most of this started on comic and foundng member S. Rachel Lovey’s blog where Earthlight members continue to connect & find each other. Who knows what's in store for these "60's royalty?" A book, doccumentary and revival are in the works. Join them for a toast October 16. They are available for pictures and interviews. Contact media co-ordinator S. RACHEL LOVEY(310) 926-5689