This banner embraces the efforts that were put forth prior to the evolution of historic preservation. The Woodstock Preservation Alliance is the banner which the Preservationists stood under throughout their efforts for the historic preservation of the Woodstock Site. The "Dove Behind the Fence" was a signature logo used by the Woodstock Preservationists to raise awareness and the chain-link fence is symbolic of the fact that the privilege to walk freely on the Woodstock Site, is no longer allowed.

Welcome to the Woodstock - Preservation Archives
Dedicated to the Historic Preservation of the Site of the 1969 Woodstock Festival

Hurd & West Shore Rds
Sullivan County
Bethel  NY


The Woodstock Preservation Photo and Video Gallery


Woodstock - Acclaimed to be "the" music documentary
Michael Wadleigh

Academy Award Winner
Best Documentary (1970)

Movie Promotion Pin Back Button   c. 1970
Movie Promotion Pin Back Button   c. 1970.

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May 20, 1970

Courtesy: David Flower Child

Woodstock - The Movie

"Woodstock" the movie, premiered at the Trans-Lux East Theater in NYC on March 26, 1970

The documentary was reportedly edited from 120 miles of footage shot at the three-day concert.

The Movie Program
The Movie Program
Photo Courtesy: Barry Z. Levine


The "Woodstock" Postage Stamp
JULY 8, 1999

This stamp was issued on a limited edition sheet from the U.S. post office in 1999, and has since become very hard to locate in mint condition. The back of the stamp reads, "From August 15 to 18, 1969, approximately 500,000 people gathered for the Woodstock Music and Art Fair. This festival of peace and music celebrated the best of the '60s youth culture and came to symbolize a generation

Do You Have an
Original or a Copy?

                  The Woodstock Albums - Autographed
Courtesy: Woodstock Preservation Alliance
The Woodstock Soundtrack
LP Released May 11, 1970

The first to perform at Woodstock, Richie Havens was also first to sign this Woodstock album, presented to him by the founding members of the Woodstock Preservation Alliance, at a concert on April 6, 2001. These albums, both Woodstock and Woodstock Two, subsequently circulated across the US, gaining signatures of original Woodstock alumni, in a show of support for the mission to perpetuate the Woodstock Spirit.

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Woodstock Paperweight
Courtesy: Lynden Lilley
Woodstock Paperweight
(Containing a polished stone from the Woodstock Site)

"Light" - Painted by Dr Bob Hieronimus

Dr. Bob Hieronimus PhD: "I painted the “Light” bus that went to Woodstock without me.

"It is not just another hippie bus, but a work of art in its own right which captures the mood and aspirations of a generation searching for its own identity and place in the universal scheme of things" -- Traveling with the VW Bus and Camper


Forty Far Out Facts You Never Knew About Woodstock


The "Welcome" Sign
The original "welcome sign" can still be found in Bethel today at Carol's Dream and Gift Shop


The Peace FenceThe Peace Fence - C Alexy & Associates
Peace pendants, handcrafted from the original Woodstock fence.
by C. Alexy and Associates, Bethel, New York

Woodstock Peacefence: A Legacy Of Brotherly Love




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