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Dedicated to the Historic Preservation of the Site of the 1969 Woodstock Festival

Hurd & West Shore Rds
Sullivan County
Bethel  NY

Date: September 12, 2002

To: The Joint Lead Agency for the Bethel Performing Art Center
From: The Woodstock Preservation Alliance

Re: Submission of Petitions in Support of NOT developing the 37.5 acres Original Woodstock Site

To all concerned,

We, the Woodstock Preservation Alliance, would like to thank you for allowing comment on the final EIS. As part of this democratic process, we are submitting for your examination and consideration, our petition document pertaining to the proposed development of the 37.5-acre parcel of land known as the Original 1969 Woodstock Festival site. As has been stated numerous times during this process, the WPA is in complete support of a Performing Art District, which will bring the arts and needed economic stimulation to Bethel and Sullivan County. Given the 1400 acres available and the historic nature of the Woodstock site, to develop the top one third of the site and surround the grounds with a security fence, will do more to degrade the very landmark that will set this PAC apart form its competitors, than enhance its appeal.

The signatures on the submitted petitions represent only a portion of those who support the WPA’s position. As is well known, not all who support a cause, necessarily are comfortable with making their support public. The many that we have had contact with and who oppose development of the site will make their dismay known through their lack of patronage to this new venture. It should also be pointed out that in your review of the petition, not all information might be available for a given supporter. Although an individual may not have followed protocol in participating in the petition, to dismiss these signatures and reduce the overall submitted count would be a mistake. Regardless of complete information, these are people with voices. By taking time to sign the petition they are wishing to have their concerns accounted for. We see ALL of the signatures as valid expressions of concern over the proposed violation of this historic landmark to music, peace, and modern world history.

We, the Woodstock Preservation Alliance extend to the Joint Lead Agency our deepest respect for the very difficult decisions that need to be made regarding this venture. We cannot say enough, that the 37.5 acre Woodstock Site is a precious icon that needs to have its natural beauty and meaning protected. It belongs in spirit to the World, and your decision will determine how Bethel is remembered by future generations.

Wishing the Joint Lead Agency wisdom and clarity,

The Board of Directors and Members of the Woodstock Preservation Alliance


Signature and title (with expressed permission of the WPA Board)