Welcome to the Woodstock - Preservation Archives
Dedicated to the Historic Preservation of the Site of the 1969 Woodstock Festival

Hurd & West Shore Rds
Sullivan County
Bethel  NY

Bethel Woods Site Map Comparison

          PAC Site Map - issued March 2002

                 PAC Site Map - Revised - February 2004

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                                                                                                                                                          MAP KEY

1: Pavilion  1, Pavilion
2. Parking 2. Parking
3. Festival Stage 3. Festival Stage
4. Farmers' Market 4. Farmers' Market
5. Visitor's Center 5. Interpretive Center &
    Community Theater
6. Marketplace 6. Offsite Overflow Parking
7. Offsite Overflow Parking 7. Electrical Substation
8. Electrical Substation 8. Water Tower
9. Water Tower 9. Wastewater Holding Tank
10. Wastewater Holding Tank 10. Event Tents

New revisions to the Gerry Foundation Plans for the Woodstock site, have reduced the original 390,000sqare feet of complex to 40,000 square feet.

Although pleased, we stand firm that if these buildings were relocated off of the site to nearby property, it would allow the site to remain in a state reflective of the spirit and meaning it holds. Bethel Woods will then be able to allow patrons to "Get back to the Garden".