This banner embraces the efforts that were put forth prior to the evolution of historic preservation. The Woodstock Preservation Alliance is the banner which the Preservationists stood under throughout their efforts for the historic preservation of the Woodstock Site. The "Dove Behind the Fence" was a signature logo used by the Woodstock Preservationists to raise awareness and the chain-link fence is symbolic of the fact that the privilege to walk freely on the Woodstock Site, is no longer allowed.

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History of The Original Woodstock Site and The Bethel Performing Arts Center as
Seen Through The Media


Woodstock Land for Sale, but Yasgur's Legacy Lives
(Originally published in the Syracuse New Times 7/28/73 By: Jeff Blumenfeld)

Woodstock 25 Years Later, What Will Happen in Bethel?
(The River Reporter , Woodstock Chronicles August 1994)

Woodstock Monument Designer Condemns Greed
(The River Reporter 1995 By: Elaine Dantzler)

Gerry Buys Woodstock Site; Whither Peace and Love?
(Times Herald-Record 4/24/97 By: Alan Wechsler)

Bethel Purchase Raises New Hope
(Times Herald-Record 4/25/97 By: Alan Wechsler)

Sullivan Businessman Unveils Proposed Future of the Woodstock Site

(Article written for and found as part of the Grandview Palace website)

A Woodstock Regeneration...Robyn Gerry's Planning Shapes a Bright Future
(Times Herald-Record 5/13/97 By: Barbara Gref)

Heading Back to Yasgur's Farm, 90's Style
(South Coast Today 8/9/98 By: Michael Hill, Associated Press Writer)

Art Center May be Sullivan's Best Bet
(Times Herald-Record 5/13/00 By: Steve Israel and Barry Lewis)

Grand Plans Squash Summer Songs
(Times Herald-Record 5/27/00 By: Steve Israel)

Gerry and Company To Concentrate on Long-Term
(Sullivan County Democrat 5/30/00 By: Dan Hust)

Bet on a Performing Arts Center
(Times Herald-Record 7/29/00 By: Steve Israel)

Performing Arts Center to "Rock" Sullivan County
(Times Herald-Record 8/29/00 By: Steve Israel)

Pataki, Gerry Get Rave Review
(Times Herald-Record 8/30/00 By: Barry Lewis)

Alan Gerry and Family Big Donors to GOP
(Ottoway News Service, Times Herald Record 8/30/00 By: John Milgrim)

A New Beginning for Sullivan County
(The River Reporter 8/31/00 By: David Hulse)

Bethel Arts Center Secures State Aid
(Times Herald Record September, 2000 By: Steve Israel)

Woodstock to Get Arts Center
(Associated Press 8/29/00 By: Reagan Haynes)

Performing Arts Center to Break Ground in Spring
(Sullivan County Democrat 9/1/00 By: Dan Hust)

Where Will the Performing Arts Center Go?
(Sullivan County Democrat 9/8/00 By: Dan Hust)

Group Urges Gerry to Leave Woodstock As Is
(Sullivan County Democrat 9/12/00 By: John Emerson)

Concern Over Arts Center Draws a Crowd
(The River Reporter 9/14/00 By: Chris Conroy)

Woodstock Preservation Alliance is Born
(The River Reporter 10/12/00)

Sullivan Arts Center's Impact Growing
(Times Herald Record 10/27/00 By: Steve Israel)

The Action at Bethel is Behind the Scenes
(Times Herald-Record 4/7/01 By: Steve Israel)

Bethel's Ready to Face the Music
(Times Herald-Record 5/6/01 By: Steve Israel)

Promoter Unveils "Big" Plans for Arts Center
(Times Herald-Record 5/10/01 By: Steve Israel)

By the Time They Get to Woodstock...
(The River Reporter 5/10/01 By: Chris Conroy)

Rezoning is the Next Step in Performing Arts Center
(Sullivan County Democrat 5/11/01 By: Dan Hust)

Residents Putting Stock in Performing Arts Center
(Times Herald Record 6/14/01 By: Steve Israel)

The End of Anticipation
(The River Reporter 6/14/01 By: Chris Conroy)

Progress in the Long, Strange Trip Toward a Monument to Woodstock
(The New York Times 6/15/01 By: Winnie Hu)

Much Anticipated News Finally Hits
(Sullivan County Democrat 6/15/01 By: Dan Hust)

Here's a Closer Look at Woodstock Site Specifics
(Sullivan County Democrat 6/19/01 By: Dan Hust)

Excitement and Relief at PAC Plans
(The River Reporter 6/21/01 By: Chris Conroy)

Seeking the Middle Ground
(The River Reporter 8/30/01 By: Chris Conroy)

Sullivan Battles Blight
(Times Herald-Record 2/11/02 By: Steve Israel)

Arts Center Gets Fine-Tuning
(Times Herald-Record 3/6/02 By: Steve Israel)

Performing Arts Center Project Takes Step Toward Completion
(Sullivan County Democrat 3/8/02 By: Matt Youngfrau)

Gerry Plans Change
(The River Reporter 3/14/02 By: Chris Conroy)

Reknowned Architect Out; Bethel Performing Arts Center Moves On
(Times Herald-Record 4/5/02 By: Steve Israel)

Bethel Crowd Backs Arts Center
(Times Herald-Record 5/15/02 By: Steve Israel)

All in Favor of PAC Project, Not Just the Location
(The River Reporter 5/16/02 By: Chris Conroy)

Alliance Isn't Opposed to an Arts Center in Bethel
(Times Herald-Record 5/23/02 By: Carolyn Madsen)

Bethel Performing Arts District Hearing Set
(The River Reporter 5/23/02 By: Chris Conroy)

Woodstock - Today and Tomorrow, Part 1
(Sullivan County Democrat 6/7/02 By: Dan Hust)

Who's Preserving Woodstock? Site Owner, Activists Disagree Over Method
(Sullivan County Democrat 6/14/02 By: Dan Hust)

Guiding Bethel to a New Future
(Sullivan County Democrat 6/21/02 By: Dan Hust)

Residents Await Promised Future
(Sullivan County Democrat 6/28/02 By: Dan Hust)

Still Waiting on the PAC
(The River Reporter 7/4/02)

Arts Center Nears Approval
(Sullivan County Democrat 8/30/02 By: Dan Hust)

Ninety Minutes from Bethel, Arts Center Takes Shape
(Times Herald Record 8/19/02 By: Steve Israel)

Bethel PAC Ready for Next Step
(The River Reporter 8/29/02 By: Chris Conroy)

Disappointed: Preservationists Weigh In
(Commentary, Town Crier, 9/10/02)

Woodstock Pleas Come Too Late
(Times Herald-Record 9/13/02 By: Steve Israel)

Development's New Challenge - Keep Us in the Dark
(The Towne Crier 10/7/02 By: Barbara Gref)

Town to OK Arts Center Impact Statement
(Times Herald-Record 10/8/02 By: Steve Israel)

Bethel Performing Arts Center on Track
(The River Reporter 10/10/02 By: Chris Conroy)

Performing Arts Center is Closer
(Sullivan County Democrat 10/11/02 By: Dan Hust)

End of Long Road to Arts Center in Sight
(Times Herald-Record - News Briefs 11/12/02)

Quiet Meeting, Big Results
(The River Reporter 12/19/02 By: Chris Conroy)

Taking Stock of Woodstock
(Preservation Magazine 1/24/03)

Woodstock as an Historic Landmark?
(Sullivan County Democrat 2/16/03 By: Dan Hust)

Grants Secured for Hospital, Arts
(Times Herald-Record 4/08/03)

Say Hello To Bethel Woods Center for the Arts
(Sullivan County Democrat 7/01/03 By: Dan Hust)

Jupiter, Mars, Planning Boards Align
(Towne Crier 3/10/04 By: Barbara Gref)

Bethel Woods Reveals Rural PAC Design Core Buildings Scaled Down to Allay WPA
(The River Reporter 3/11/04 By: Charlie Buterbaugh)

The Proposed Bethel PAC: Culture or Counterculture
(Sullivan County Democrat 3/12/04 By: Ted Waddell)

Preservationists File Formal Document For Historic Status
(Commentary, Towne Crier 4/14/04)

The Date Is Set
(Sullivan County Democrat 4/16/04 By: Nathan Mayberg)

For Woodstock Site - Peace, Love and History
(Commentary, Towne Crier 5/5/04)

Construction Begins on Bethel Woods
(Times Herald-Record 6/29/04 By: Steve Israel)

Ceremony Celebrates Groundbreaking at Woodstock Site
(Associated Press 7/19/04 By: Alicia Chang)

The 1969 Woodstock Site: A Long Time Gone
(Article: Preservation League of NY State, Issue 116, Summer 2004)