2003 Request for Nominations  



Name of Site  _______________________________________________________________________________________________

Address  ___________________________________________________________________________________________________

City/State/Zip  _______________________________________________________________________________________________

Date Built  ________________        Ownership (choose one) ___Public ___Private

Owner Name  _______________________________________________________________________________________________   

Owner Address  _____________________________________________________________________________________________

Owner Phone  _______________________________    Owner Fax  _____________________________________________________

Historic Designation                 ___National Historic Landmark  ___National Register  ___State/Local Designation

(choose one or more)                 ___National Register Eligible     ___Other (explain)


Name of individual/group nominating site  _________________________________________________________________________

Address  ___________________________________________________________________________________________________

Phone  ____________________   Fax  _____________________   E-mail  ________________________________________________


This form must be signed in order for the nomination to be considered.

We undersigned hereby gives to the National Trust for Historic Preservation a non-exclusive license to use, and to allow others to use, in whole or in part, in whatever manner the National Trust may desire, including (but not limited to) use for publicity, audiovisual presentation, and/or promotion, all photographs, videos, and other materials submitted to the National Trust in connection with the 11 Most Endangered nomination. .e National Trust is hereby given permission to make any editorial changes and/or additions to the materials referred to herein as it may deem necessary or desirable for production purposes. .e undersigned hereby agrees that it has the authority to grant these rights, that it has obtained any such rights necessary from third parties, including with-out limitation, models, creators, photographers, writers and producers, and that it will hold harmless and indemnify the National Trust from and against any claim brought against the National Trust from third parties that may arise out of the violation of this paragraph.

Release authorized by ___________________________________________________ ______________________________________________

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On a separate document, please provide the following information. All questions must be answered. Also attach any supporting materials, including photographs, news articles, correspondence, etc.

1. Provide a brief overview in 200 words or less summarizing major key points 2 through 13 below.

2. What is the site’s history? Has it been nominated or been named to other endangered lists?

3. How well known is the site? Is the site a tourist destination and open to the public?

4. Why is this site important? What preservation issues does it represent? (sprawl, transportation, inner city decline, etc.) How is the site unique? Why should people care?

5. Describe the threat in more detail (e.g. natural disaster, poor maintenance, funding, etc.) What possible steps could be taken to help eliminate the threat?

6. How significant is the threat? (Is the building about to fall, is the ship about to sink?)

7. Describe in 200 words or less viable solutions that would save the site.

8. Who are the major players? (Are “friends of” groups, government agencies, private citizens involved?)

9. Who opposes preservation of this site?

10. How would listing this site as one of America’s 11 Most Endangered Historic Places help save the site? Please be more specific than “publicity.”

11. Other than listing this site, how can the National Trust alleviate the threat?

12. How has the National Trust been involved to date? What value can the National Trust add to saving the site? What role, if any, is there for the Trust if this site is put on the list? Other than placement on the list, is there another role for the National Trust?

13. Provide any additional comments/recommendations.

14. Provide names, titles, phone/fax of all appropriate contacts & spokespersons including proponents and opponents.

15. Provide at least three high-quality visuals. (35mm slides, prints, or high-resolution digital photos via CD, disk or email.) If selected, these images will be used for print and web publications. Obtain release authorization from photographer(s).

Please submit all nomination information, along with this completed form postmarked by Jan. 20, 2003 to:

National Trust for Historic Preservation n Office of Communications

1785 Massachusetts Ave., NW n Washington, DC 20036 n phone (202) 588-6141 n fax (202) 588-6299 n 11most@nthp.org