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Hurd & West Shore Rds
Sullivan County
Bethel  NY


To: The Woodstock Preservation Alliance
c/o Joanne Hague email: Joann1108@aol.com
P.O. Box 216, Olyphant, PA, 18447

To Whom It May Concern:
It has come to my recent attention that the Woodstock Preservation Alliance is in the process of nominating the Original site of the 1969 Woodstock Festival to the 11 Most Endangered Historic Places list with the National Historic Trust. I am the director of the 1970 Academy Award winning Documentary "Woodstock", which was pivotal in bringing this historic event to the world. I concur with the Alliance, that the original 38 acre Woodstock site is a unique landmark of cultural and social significance. Not only did I witness this remarkable event, I was able to capture the essence of a time and values of a generation whose past was full of unrest and whose future was uncertain at best. The "Woodstock Spirit" of peace, caring and unity towards survival and a common good played out on that 38 acres. Something that has rarely been seen since.

"Woodstock". Its spirit and generation are inseparable from the land on which it was born. It is with great dismay that I find that Mr. Alan Gerry is planning come the Spring of 2003, to package and commercialize a landmark that is one of the few iconic images of the truth-seeking 1960's . Those who still carry on with the values of brotherhood, peace, and a better world will find that their birthplace has been defiled by greed and disregard.

If it was not for my film, the land on which Mr. Gerry plans to destroy would have little value to him or anyone else. Given that the documentary is what will draw the masses to the development, his foundation has done well to keep the plans away from those who may oppose them. Myself for one. Now that I am aware of the facts, I can without a doubt endorse the nomination of the Woodstock site to the Endangered Sites list. I am certain that if Mr. Gerry's plans are carried out fully, pilgrims and the curious who travel to the Bethel development with hopes of seeing the rolling, natural Woodstock pasture shown in my film, and feeling some of the spirit embodied in that land, will go away bitterly disappointed.

If there is any way I can further assist the National Historic Trust in accepting the nomination of the 38 acre Woodstock site to the 11 Most Endangered Historic Sites List, please do not hesitate to contact me.

With regards,
Michael Wadleigh