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Dedicated to the Historic Preservation of the Site of the 1969 Woodstock Festival

Hurd & West Shore Rds
Sullivan County
Bethel  NY


January 7, 2003

From: Wavy Gravy
Berkeley, CA 94709

To: The Woodstock Preservation Alliance
C/o Ms. Joanne Hague
1023 Lincolne Ave,
Blakely, PA 18447

To whom it may concern, I am writing in regards to the proposed development of the 37.5 acres known as the Site of the Original 1969 Woodstock Music and Art Fair held in Bethel, New York held Aug. 15-17, 1969. It has been brought to my attention that the Gerry Foundation plans to place its Core Activities buildings of the Bethel Performing Arts Center on the top plateau of the festival site and surround the area with security fencing. As you may well know, myself and my fellow Hog Farmers provided security, food and care for the hundreds of thousands who attended the festival. Though over thirty years have passed, the historic and cultural relevance of the festival and the site itself remain as important now, as it did then.

I agree with the Woodstock Preservation Alliance that a performing arts center in Bethel is a wonderful idea. I also support the notion that the developers have many other acres to build on, and that fencing and placing structures on the site itself is unnecessary. The site that is an icon to peace, the social unrest of the 1960's, popular music, and the event said to have defined a generation, is now in danger of being changed forever. The original 37.5 Woodstock site in Bethel New York deserves to be preserved for future generations to enjoy. Fencing, building and exploiting will not serve that end.