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Dedicated to the Historic Preservation of the Site of the 1969 Woodstock Festival

Hurd & West Shore Rds
Sullivan County
Bethel  NY


The Whos' Who of the 1969 Woodstock Festival

Woodstock Ventures
The Principals
Michael Lang - Executive Producer
John Roberts - Financier
Joel Rosenman - Administrative Troubleshooter, Advertising
Artie Kornfeld - Publicity and Subsidiary Rights

The Executive Staff
Mel Lawrence - Director of Operations
Wes Pomeroy - Chief of Security
Chris Langhart - Technical Director and Designer
Stanley Goldstein - Headhunter and Campgrounds Coordinator
John Morris - Production Coordinator
Don Ganoung - Community Relations
Chip Monck - Stage Lighting and Technical Designer
Peter Goodrich - Concessions
Steve Cohen - Production Stage Manager

The Staff

Jay Drevers - Staging Supervisor
Lee Mackler - Security and Administration
John Fabbri - Security
Ticia Bernuth - Production Assistant
Penny Stallilngs - Administrative Assistant
Keith O'Connor - Assistant Ticketing Operations
Bill Ward - Director of Art Crew
Jean Ward - Art Crew and Administration
Lenny - Director of Heavy Security
Ron Leis - Art and Playground Design and Water-Search
Joyce Mitchell - Office and Administration
Joe Kimble - Security
Jewel Ross - Security
Renee Levine - Bookkeeper
Howard Hirsch - Art Exhibit
Peter Leeds - Art Exhibit
Kimberly Bright - Office Assistant
Jerry Pompili - Administration
Carol Green - Staff Cook
Ingrid Von Wilsheim - Purchasing
Karen Eager - Security Assistant
Boyd Elder - Art Crew
Otis Hallendale - Office Assistant
The Bastard Sons - Construction
The Black Shirts - Security
The Hog Farm - Construction, Planning and Security
Hugh Romney - Hog Farm Leader
Bonnie Jean Romney - Hog Farm Coordinator

Dr. William Abruzzi - Medical Director
Bill Hanley - Sound
Food For Love - Food
Bert Cohen - Office Design, Coordnator of Underground Advertising
The Wartoke Concern - Public Relations
Dick Gersh - Public Relations
David Levine - Performer's Food
Tom Grimm - Telephones
Charles Macaluso - Trash and Carting
Bill Reynolds - Portable Toilets
Bill Belmont - Artist Coordination
Michael Foreman - Program
Bill Graham - Artists' Reps
Tom Rounds - Land Evaluation
Tom Driscoll - Land Evaluation
David Michaels - Legal Rights Advice
Tom Edmonston - Construction
Jane Friedman - Public Relations
Albert Grossman - Artists' Reps
Manny Greenhill - Artists' Reps
James Grant - Executive Director, New Mexico Governor's Crime Commission
Donald Goldmacher - Medical Committee for Human Rights
Rikki Sanderson - Medical
Tri-County Citizens Band Radio Club - Communications
Abbie Hoffman - Public Relations
Arnold Puff - Communications
Lee Osborne - Recording
Michael Wadleigh - Motion Picture Director / Producer
Bob Maurice - Motion Picture Producer
Michael Margets - Preliminary Filming
Malcolm Hart - Preliminary Filming
Arnold Skolnick - Festival Poster
Intermedia Systems - Transportation and Efficiency
Hector Morales - Booking Agent

Alexander Tapooz - Woodstock
Mr. Shaler - Saugerties
Howard Mills, Jr. - Wallkill
Max and Miriam Yasgur - Bethel

Miles Lourie - New York City
Paul Marshall - New York City
Samuel W. Eager, Jr. - Wallkill
Richard Gross - Bethel

Rosenberg's - Bullville, NY
The Red Top - Middletown, NY
The Diamond Horseshoe - Bethel, NY
The El Monaco Motel - Bethel, NY

Joe Fink - NYPD / Festival Recruitment
Ralph Cohen - NYPD / Festival Recruitment
Howard Leary - Commissioner / NYPD
George McManus - NYPD / Chief Inspector

Jack Schlosser - Town Supervisor
Joseph Owen - Town Attorney
Cliff Reynolds - Concerned Citizens Committee
Richard Dow - Concerned Citizens Committee
Al Romm - Editor / The Times Herald Record
Ethel Romm - Writer
Dennis Cosgrove - Innkeeper
Irv Coulter - Town Clerk
Herbert Freer - Town Father
Herbert Fabricant - Atty for Howard Mills
Henry Itzla - Town Councilman
Louis Ingrassia - Town Councilman
Pat Mills - Howard Mills' Wife
Jules Minker - Atty for Concerned Citizens Committee

Elliott Tieber - Proprietor / El Monaco Motel
Morris Abraham - Real Estate Salesman
Daniel J. Amatucci - Town Supervisor
Harrison Dunbrook - New York State Transportation Director
Judge George L. Cobb - Heard Citizen's Complaints Against Festival
William Filippini - Landowner
Louis Komanchek - Town Father
Charlie Prince - Branch Manager / Sullivan County National Bank
Emily Rosch - Civil Defense Administrator
Charles Rudiger - Superintendent / Monticello Schools
Frederick W. V. Schadt - Town Attorney
Ken Van Loan - Bethel Businessman

Joan Baez
Blood, Sweat and Tears
The Jeff Beck Group (cancelled)
The Paul Butterfield Blues Band
The Band
Creedence Clearwater Revival
Canned Heat
Country Joe McDonald & The Fish
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
Joe Cocker
Arlo Gutherie
Grateful Dead
Tim Hardin
Jimi Hendrix
Richie Havens
Keep Hartley
The Incredible String Band
Iron Butterfuly (did not appear)
It's a Beautiful Day (dismissed)
Janis Joplin
The Jefferson Airplane
The Joshua Light Show
John Sebastian
Ravi Shankar
Sly and the Family Stone
Bert Sommer
Ten Years After
Johnny Winter
The Who