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This website is privileged to have the participation of the Woodstock Historians and we invite all students working on essays, projects, or papers to take advantage of this opportunity.
Our Woodstock Historian Program

Our intentions for this page, is to accommodate a student's needs for reference and resource, and provide an easy access to information regarding the 1969 Woodstock Festival: the event, the history and the efforts surrounding the historical preservation of that site - for research and study. Our vision is for the continuance of the Woodstock Legacy through our generations to come, and our hope is to make available a place within this preservation website, for students to carry on that legacy by submitting their “Woodstock” projects, reports or essays, to share with or learn from - others.


Any students wishing to submit their files, may do so by request. All appropriate student work will be recognized and retained on this website. Acceptable file formats include Microsoft Word (pictures embedded Ok), PDF files, Powerpoint, short video files (avi, mpg), short audio files.

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    - “How Woodstock Happened” By: Elliott Tiber

    - Artie Kornfeld.com

    - Photographs by Lisa Law 1965 - 1971

    - “The Statement on the Historical and Cultural Significance of the 1969 Woodstock Festival Site”
    Prepared by: Michael Wm. Doyle, Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor and Director of the Public History Internship Program History Department - Ball State University -     Muncie, Indiana
    25 Sept, 2001

    - Application for Nomination to the National Trust’s 11 Most Endangered Places for 2003.
    Authored By: Brad Littleproud, Toronto, CA
    Edited By: Joanne Hague, Pennsylvania, USA
    Visuals: Jim Cook, New York, USA
    Consultant: Michael Wm. Doyle, Ph.D., Indiana, USA
    20 January, 2003

    - “The 1969 Woodstock Festival Site - A Cause for Preservation”
    Authored by: Brad Littleproud, Toronto, CA
    Edited By: Joanne Hague, Pennsylvania, USA
    Consultant: Michael Wm. Doyle, Ph.D., Indiana, USA
    April, 2004


Peace, Love and...

We Can All Join In:

How Rock Festivals Helped Change America

By: Bill Mankin
Woodstock Documented
By: Scott Parker

This book examines the various audio and video documents that captured and preserved the 1969 Woodstock Festival. Recordings made by both official documentary crews and audience members are analyzed and placed into perspective.

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